Mum-and-Me Conversation Starters
Mum-and-Me Conversation Starters
Mum-and-Me Conversation Starters

Mum-and-Me Conversation Starters

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Mum-and-Me Conversation Starters 

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day with our mothers than to have meaningful conversations to create beautiful memories and strengthen strong bonds with them?

WHO are these for?

These Mum-and-Me Conversation Starters are meant for us adults to use with our mothers, to initiate a range of meaningful conversations with her, instead of just the usual "Have you eaten?" type of questions. 

As we make it a habit to encourage meaningful conversations and use these precious moments to create beautiful memories, we strengthen our bonds with our mothers. 

WHY do we need them?

Because, as adults, many of us probably don’t know or ask enough about our mothers. For reasons like we may be too scared or that we just didn’t think of it or didn’t get around to doing it.

But our mothers are our closest female to us, before our children or girlfriends existed. And there is truly no better way to become closer to a person, even if you’ve known her all your life, than to have meaningful conversations to know her better.

The answers to these questions will allow us to know our mothers more deeply and hopefully these conversations spark many more beautiful conversations and memories together.

HOW do we make use of these?

- Pick a card of the day and prepare to ask your mom during dinner time or any opportune time that pops up

- Can be made into a game where you and her take turns to answer these questions

- Write her a card  to ask her some of these questions and be surprised with a letter containing her responses.

WHAT do these Mum-and-Me Conversation Starters contain?

This set of Mum-and-Me Conversation Starters come in a set of 20 cards containing 14 Snug Questions and 6 Embrace Questions. 

Snug Questions

Snug questions are questions that are more lighthearted and casual. They are meant for days where you feel like allowing her to dream and reminisce old times.

Embrace questions

Embrace questions are questions that probe deep thinking and reflection. They are meant to deepen understanding of each other and allowing her to voice her deepest thoughts and emotions.