Parent-and-Child Conversation Starters (Full version)
Parent-and-Child Conversation Starters (Full version)

Parent-and-Child Conversation Starters (Full version)

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These Parent-and-child conversation starters are meant for parents to use to initiate a range of meaningful conversations with your child, instead of just the usual "How was your day in school?" As we make it a habit to encourage such conversations and use these teachable moments to validate our children's emotions and acknowledge their responses and thoughts, we are training them to be mindful of their own feelings and thoughts. Over time, they learn how to better respond to situations and build resilience and empathy.

This set of Parent-and-child conversation starters come in a set of 24 cards containing 9 Conversation starter questions and 15 Reflection questions. 

(1) Conversation Starters Questions are meant for meal times, bedtimes, traveling times, etc to ask about your child’s day. They are short questions, e.g. "What is one thing you did today which you are proud of?", instead of the usual "how's your day?"

(2) Reflection Questions are meant for days where you feel like there is more time for deeper conversations and reflection, e.g. "What 3 things are you good at?"

- Suitable for 3 years old and above

* Bunny, wooden crate, macrame weave are not included.