Love Bonds Brush Pen Workshop for ACS International Parents
Love Bonds Brush Pen Workshop for ACS International Parents

Love Bonds Brush Pen Workshop for ACS International Parents

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Love Bonds Brush Pen Workshop for ACS International Parents

Date: 30 Oct 2021

Time: 9.30am to 11.30am

Mode: through Zoom

Includes Love Bonds Brush Calligraphy Kit (for each participant)*

- 1 x Brush Pen

- Love Bonds Brush Pen Notes that contains:
a) Basic strokes
b) Lowercase alphabets
c) Exemplar
d) Practice Guide sheet
e) Quote template for Philippians 4:13

- 2 x A4 watercolour paper (as the graduation piece)

Note:  For the graduation piece, would be writing the verse "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me Philippians 4:13"

* For 1 Child Top Up, the child receives the same materials as the adult 


In our 2 hour Brush Pen Workshop, participants will be provided all the materials they will need to have a therapeutic time of writing together. The instructor will share on the techniques of how to hold the brush pen, and go in-depth on the letterforms of lowercase alphabet in brush pen calligraphy.  Brush calligraphy is a learnable skill, with right techniques and principles of letterforms taught, participants can takeaway with them a skill that will enable one to write beautifully, and a graduation piece of a bible verse written in brush pen calligraphy by themselves. 

About the Instructor- Serene Wu

Serene is an experienced and qualified educator (taught in a Junior College for 11 years previously) with a passion for teaching and growing the next generation. She has a wealth of teaching experience and was a senior teacher who specialises in character education, developing and implementing programs that promotes values-inculcation in schools. As co-founder of Love Bonds, she now curates and creates content that empowers parents to have meaningful conversations with their children and conducts calligraphy workshops for parents, schools and organisations. 

A blessed wife to a husband who believes in her and mama to 2 loquacious boys - Azel (8 years old) and Aden (4 years old), Serene strongly believes that character can be developed through intentional meaningful conversations with children. She is an avid reader who loves parenting and children books.

Her journey in calligraphy started 6 years ago when her elder son was 2 years old. Once she started learning this artform, she fell in love with calligraphy as it gave her the time and space to reflect and think. She started conducting brush calligraphy and modern calligraphy workshops 4 years ago and have had the opportunity to work with renowned brands like CHANEL and Muji, where she was invited to write for their clients in their flagship stores.

Serene is passionate in equipping parents and/educators with the skills to write brush calligraphy beautifully because she believes that written words can positively impact someone’s lives and can potentially change the space of the environment that they are in.