In-Person Brush Calligraphy Workshop

In-person brush calligraphy workshop

In-Person Brush Calligraphy Workshop is OPEN for enrolment!!!

Workshop dates are available here!


With the fundamentals of letterforms taught in a structured step-by-step guidance and with hands-on practice, you will have a good firm foundation on the basics to kickstart your creative brush calligraphy journey. At the same time, you will be in a community of encouraging parents to cheer you on, both on your parenting and calligraphy journey.

And with the concepts and skills learnt, you will be well-equipped to pen down:
encouragement notes for your child,
cards for your loved ones,
quotes as home decors which serve as visual reminders to the values that you want to encourage in your home, and so so much more.

Customized Calligraphy Workshops catered to the needs of your group


Zoom calligraphy workshops for school students? Zoom bonding workshops for educators? Corporate workshops for clients? Just drop us an email at and let us know! We would love to customize a fun and meaningful workshop that would best meet your group's specific needs :):):)


Please feel free to connect with us via email at or DM us on Instagram @lovebondssg