I believe that bonding with your children will help strengthen the relationship between parent and child, but sometimes we don’t know how or when to start a conversation. The Parent-and-Child Conversation Starter cards are very useful to get their minds thinking as it looks like a game to them. Most of the questions are about social-emotional skills and it feels great to know how they feel. My personal favourite cards are “How were you kind to someone today?”, “What are you most thankful for today?”, and “How do you cheer yourself up when you feel angry?” (And many more). These questions are often left out and it’s nice to listen to their answers and at the same time understand how they really feel. I had to limit the question cards to 5 per night because my Daughter will want to answer all cards in 1 night! I also use it in my nursery class (4 years old, they pick a card and I read for them), and it’s so amusing to hear their thoughts, and they love it too.

~ Shiela (Mom of 2 kids - Simone 6 years old and Dylan 2 years old)



"With the terrible haze situation in Singapore MEANS loads of indoor play for Ms Donya. So thankful to Serene and Michelle from Love Bonds @lovebondssg for bringing in these lovely Bravery Magazines. I chose Bravery Magazine Issue 7: Optimistic - having a positive attitude even when it is hard. I really hope to instil this value in my children. Press on!

The entire magazine is based on Julia Child. She was a passionate American Cook who loved French food. She was determined. The magazine has many cooking activities to do with your little one. The most recent activity we chose was to use fruits to spell out Donya’s name. It was not easy for 3yo but we had to finish what we started. At the end, Donya converted the space into a strawberry shop where she sold strawberries to her Grandpa and Grandma. All were happy!" 

~ Janice (Mom of 2 kids - Donya 3 years old and Kyro 7 months old)


Testimonial_Stephanie_Mom of 1 girl

"By sheer serendipity I chanced upon Love Bonds @lovebondssg and fell for what they stood for. So glad I got my hands on their Bravery magazines (guides for dreaming and doing) with themes such as Persistence, Adventurous, Optimistic, Tenacious, etc based on strong women figures. Check them out!"

~ Stephanie (Mom of 1.5 year old girl)


“Not the best photo but I was so impressed by Love Bonds @lovebondssg- from customer service (checking in to see if I’ve received the magazines) to the thoughtful details in packaging (right down to the handwritten note and scent!), they really have nailed it. Most importantly, I like how this magazine they have curated showcases and represents different women (this blue cover features Temple Grandin who has autism) especially in a male-dominated society.

I’ve been trying to find good books that show females in an empowering light and this magazine really hits it. And it was a good read with E1 who enjoyed looking at the graphics. We are both excited to try out the suggested activities and their own conversation cards (that encourage values-in-action). Can’t wait to see what other issues and books they will be bringing in and will strive to take a better phone next time.“

~ Priscilla (Mom of 2 girls)