Our Story


Words (both spoken and written) are powerful and can change the environment that we live in. 

At Love Bonds, our mission is to impart this beautiful skill of brush calligraphy and love for the artform to as many mums/women and children. Because our world can do with more positive and kind words, both spoken and written. And we want to be the change that we want to see in the world, by uplifting others through words of encouragement.

Hence we conduct brush calligraphy workshops (with a dose of parenting inspiration) and through facilitating the learning of this beautiful art form, we share about parenting inspiration that encourages meaningful conversations in the home. 

We also curate quality children’s storybooks/magazines and create conversation guides that allows us to have meaningful dialogues about values with their children.

Building a community that allows us to go on an adventure in this creative brush calligraphy and parenting journey together! 

Join us @LoveBondsSg and let's connect!

Love Bonds, 

Michelle & Serene