Our Story

 About Love Bonds

Love Bonds was birthed from an idea to help parents encourage intentional conversations about values and eventually cultivating habits of meaningful conversations that will give the child opportunities to share about his/her thoughts, feelings and decision making processes. Character can be developed through quality conversations a parent has with the child and strong bonds in the family are built upon such intentional dialogues.

So we have a dream, a big one, which is to empower parents to nurture changemakers, one conversation at a time. 

We conduct brush calligraphy workshops (with a dose of parenting inspiration) and through facilitating the learning of this beautiful art form, we also share about parenting inspiration that encourages meaningful conversations in the home. And because brush calligraphy is a skill that keeps on giving, we advocate the sharing and gifting of words that touch the hearts of the recipients, or to write and put up messages that are visual reminders of the values that we want to encourage in the homes. 

We also curate quality children’s storybooks and magazines that teach about values, and produce conversation guides to encourage parents to have meaningful conversations with their children. We are passionate in seeking, creating and curating quality reading material and open-ended toys that will value-add to the time that parents have with their children.

Our vision is to empower parents to impart essential soft skills to their children so that we can see a generation with a strong moral character compass that helps them navigate in life. 

Join us to walk alongside each other as we journey through parenthood together and build strong bonds with our children.

Love Bonds, 

Michelle & Serene