Featured on Kiss92Fm on 13 January 2020

Love Bonds featured on Kiss92

Love Bonds was humbled to be invited by Kiss92fm on their morning show to share about what we do at Love Bonds - curate and create resources to encourage intentional, meaningful conversations between parents and children to strengthen bonds in the family and how we can make meaningful conversations with our red packets during Chinese New Year gatherings with our relatives.

We were on air together with sweet Maddy Barber, humorous Jason Johnson and the multi-talented handsome Divian Nair on "Maddy, Jason and Maddy Jason in the morning". Love Bonds' conversationalist, Serene Wu, shared some tips on air about sparking meaning conversations during CNY. 

With the more senior:

(1) Compliment on the dressing/accessories/house decorations 

  • Auntie May, you look amazing in this red dress, it complements your skin color. Where do you usually shop for your clothes? (Not just: This dress looks nice.)
  • Uncle Chua, I love how you all took great pains to decorate this place to be so festive-like, where do you normally go to get those plants/flowers/pussy willows vase from?

 (2) Talk about food (Because food bonds people!)

  • Auntie Jenny, I haven't been to your estate for some time, any food recommendations there?
  • Auntie Linda, where did you get these delicious pineapple tarts/bak kua/biscuits from?
  • Uncle Richard, have you tried these noodles? I wonder where else do you find such authentic taste with the wok hei.

With the young adults:

  • Talk about travels or the latest interest of the other person (Need to do some Instagram/facebook homework first!)
  • Hey Jessica, I saw that you went to Melbourne recently, how was it?
  • Jonathan, are you learning Muay Thai now? Whao what sparked your interest in this?
  • 满 Red Packet: Serena, tell me something interesting about you that you think I might not know 

With children/teenagers:

  • Chance to air opinions/thoughts and just have fun!
  • Red Packet: If you had to give everyone new names, what would they be and why? (MY FAV!)

(Anecdote: In the lift, my neighbour saw me and couldn’t seem to remember my name so I bent down and asked her, “So Clara, why not you give me a nice name that you can remember?” She said “Ok then, I will call you Auntie Beautiful Earrings.”

  • Red Packet: What is the best thing that happened to you in the past year? 
  • Red Packet: What is something that you did recently that made you happy? 

Last tips: 

  • Be genuine and sincere 
  • The tone and body language matters 
Love Bonds featured on Kiss92 radio
Love Bonds featured on Kiss92 radio

Love Bonds seriously had such a blast that morning during the live show. We loved the fun banter we had on air and there were many moments we just roared with laughter because "keeping it real". We were also in awe of the chemistry that Maddy, Jason and Divian have! Thankful that we were able to share about what we do and offer some tips to the Kiss92 listeners. 


Featured on The Straits Times (The Sunday Times) on 19 January 2020

This Chinese New Year, Love Bonds was thrilled to be given an exclusive interview and have a whole article written on it by renowned editor, Venessa Lee from Straits Times. We had such a great time sharing about how we hoped to spark more meaningful exchanges via questions printed on the backs of our Love Bonds x Urban Lil's red packets (designed by Urban Lil) and our in-house produced resources. 

Love Bonds featured on The Straits Times

The motivation behind these meaningful red packets came from us being inspired by the awkward questions directed at us as children. "Family gatherings can be the perfect time to get to know more about one another and we want to strike meaningful conversations with our nieces and nephews" - Michelle 

Apart from these meaningful red packets, we also produced parent-and-child conversation prompts where adults can ask their offspring questions such as what their favourite part of the day was, or what three things are they good at. 

We have a strong desire to want to impart values through well curated range of books and magazines, hence we also come up with conversation guides that come along with these reading material. One of these items, Bravery Magazine, showcases strong female role models for both boys and girls, such as Junko Tabel, the first woman to summit Mount Everest as well as the Seven Summits.

"We want to make having conversations with our children as a big part of our own parenting" - Serene

Our vision has always been to empower parents to impart essential soft skills to their children so that we can see a generation with a strong moral character compass that helps them navigate in life. And we will indeed continue in our endeavor to curate good reading materials and create useful resources that encourages intentional meaningful conversations between parent and child.

You may click here to read the article.


Featured on The Straits Times (The Sunday Times) on 5 July 2020