1) Which age are your products most suitable for? 

Children’s books: 2 to 6 years old
Conversation starters: 3 years old and above
Bravery Magazines: 5 to 12 years old

2) What is so special about the children's books that Love Bonds have? 

The children books that we curate are books that subtly talks about a value in a simple yet profound way. The main characters in these books are those whom the children can easily identify with. The illustrations are beautiful and will entice young readers. Our Love Bonds endorsed books are books that are timeless, and are books that you will want to give your child that will remain with them for a long time. Also, each of the children's books that you purchase from Love Bonds comes with it its own exclusive in-house produced conversation guides (which leads us to the next question...) 

3) Why are conversation guides included for every book/magazine?

Conversation guides are what we Love Bonds stand for, and believe in. These exclusive in-house produced conversation guides are written according to the storyline of the children's book or magazine. They are meant to encourage intentional meaningful conversations between a parent and child using the books/magazines as a resource. The questions will give opportunities for your child to talk about their feelings, their thoughts and their decision making processes. We are confident that as you engage in such intentional conversations about things that matter, over time they build resilience and empathy. And we are in turn building strong bonds and hence nurturing changemakers. 

4) What is the difference between Conversation Guides and Conversation Starters? 

Conversation Guides are questions written in accordance to the accompanying book/magazine. There will be different conversation guides for each book/magazine. i.e. Bravery Issue 9 will have a specific Issue 9 Conversation Guide provided when you purchase Bravery Issue 9 from Love Bonds.  

Conversation Starters are a set of questions (containing reflection questions and conversation starters) meant to replace "How's your day" type of questions. They are a set of questions which you can use any time to encourage meaningful questions with your child. This deck of questions are in a cotton linen bag, for your ease of bringing out to use during commute or while waiting for food :) 

All About Bravery Magazines

5) What age is the magazine created for?

Bravery was designed with girls and boys ages 5-12 in mind, but there’s something for every age in Bravery. I (Serene) have two boys aged 2.5 yrs and 6.5yrs and they both loved reading the stories in the magazine and doing the suggested activities. We’ve also heard our fellow mummies say that older and younger kids enjoy Bravery too, and we have a parent section for adults. Basically, Bravery is for everyone!

6) Is Bravery just for girls?

Nope! Bravery Magazines are designed with girls AND boys in mind. My two boys love them! We strongly feel like it is important for all kids to learn from the lives and experiences of real, brave women who are strong role models. 

7) Why doesn’t Bravery feature men too?

We acknowledge and believe that men and women together can accomplish great things, but what inspired the birth of Bravery was the lack of strong female role models and their stories in mainstream society. Bravery Magazine is meant to be the place to share the stories of real, brave women.

8) What will I find inside the magazine?

Bravery Magazine is full of illustrated stories, fun DIYs, and educational activities that teach about the featured woman and the many facets of her life. There’s even a parent section with essays, reflection questions, and a little bit of humor. Illustration artists are handpicked to create original art and content so that each issue of Bravery is unique, beautiful, and empowering.

9) Why is Bravery Magazine priced as such?

Bravery Magazine is different from the traditional magazine. Instead of thin, slick paper, it’s made with 70lb weight paper and a cover that has a laminate soft touch finish (which we love so much!). This finish helps the magazine last longer. Bravery magazines are meant to be loved and collected. 

10) Why is this only a print magazine? Will you ever have a digital version?

In a very digital age, it was important that we give our children something tangible – something they could hold and read, feel, and touch. We love that Bravery magazine will give them something to do that doesn’t involve a screen.