What to OBSERVE and what you can DISCOVER from Conversations Starters

Instead of asking your child "How's your day in school?",
why not ask 
"Who did you have most fun with in school? Why was it fun?"

Who did you have most fun with in school?

What to OBSERVE:
👀 Do they smile when they share about others?
👀 Do they mention same names each time?
👀 Do they make new friends?

What you can DISCOVER from asking this question:
🔹Do they have friends in school?
🔹Are they having fun with school?
🔹Are they having conversations with people?
🔹Are they happy?
🔹Do they enjoy school?

Conversation Starters are quick questions that I ask my boys when I pick them up from school or during meal time or during their play or just before bedtime. 

There is so much INFERRING that can occur and the subtle HINTS that you can pick up on when they answer these questions. 💪

And if I sense or pick up an emotion out of the norm, I will
❤️ read between the lines
❤️ hear what is being said (or not being said)
❤️ pursue that thread to dig deep
❤️ ask questions
❤️ assure and affirm my love for them

Let us know your thoughts and if this was helpful for you!

Cheering you on!

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