Meaningful reflections with my 3 year old

“Mummy, can I tell you about my favorite teacher?” - chirped my 3 year old with cookie crumbs falling out from his mouth while we were having our tea break today (well, yeah homemade chocolate cookies are always a good idea cos happy endorphins, but I digress).

“Sure! Tell me more!” He went on to share about his teacher Ms Han who made them a rope game (obstacle course) and how he found it challenging to crawl under the ropes without touching it.

In his words “ I was actually a little upset that I cannot crawl under the lowest rope but Ms Han clapped for me to try my best. And I really did it.” - his eyes sparkled when he said this.

Awwww... this little champ actually reflected on his day and attributed his mini success of overcoming the obstacle course to his teacher’s encouragement 😊

That to me is huge- that he was able to

❤️ process his thoughts from his day
❤️ articulate all that happened in a somewhat chronological manner
❤️ acknowledge his feelings (that he was upset that he couldn’t do the obstacle course)
❤️ recognize that his teacher was the catalyst for his success (in clearing the course)
❤️ praise his teacher for it (awarding her the title of favorite teacher)

Side note: Am so gonna share this with the teacher tomorrow! It will be such an encouragement to her 💕

Such meaningful conversations with my boys are what I truly value and look forward to in our little chats during meal times or just before bedtimes.

Their every conversation with us tells us a little something about their thoughts and emotions and we need to learn to identify what he/she is really sharing with us.

What did your child share with you today?


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