Love Bonds' Conversation Starters (Lite) as Birthday Party Goodie Bag Gift

Instead of giving the usual birthday goodie bags with snacks or toys, why not surprise your children's friends and their families with these Conversation Starters. These are meant for their parents to use to initiate a range of meaningful conversations with their child, instead of just the usual “how was your day in school?”

Some suggested ways that a parent could use these Conversation Starters:
1. Place all the cards in a bowl and each person picks out one card/child picks one card
2. Take turns to answer the question on your individual card/the child’s card
3. Parent to probe deeper during conversations.
Probing questions could be
💬 “how do you feel when...”,
💬 “what do you think you will do when...”,
💬 “how do you think he/she feels when...”,
💬 “what makes you think this way?”.

As we validate our children’s emotions and acknowledge their responses and thoughts, we are encouraging them to be mindful of their feelings and thoughts. As we share our personal narratives, they are also sensitized to how we make decisions and how we response to situations. Over time, they build resilience and empathy. Also importantly, keep the conversation light-hearted and fun!

Check out our Conversation Starters (Lite) bundles for your upcoming birthday goodie bags, they make meaningful gifts for your child's friends' families. 

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