5 Questions to Ask Your Child About Their Day at School

5 Questions To Ask Your Child About Their Day In School

It's a brand new year, and for some, it’s a new exciting journey with your child in Primary 1. ❤️ As much as we are excited to hear about our child’s day, let’s also just be a listening ear to tune in to their thoughts and emotions and be present with them as they open up to us as and when they are open to.

In my own experience, I realized previously that whenever I ask my son what he learnt in school, he was less open about sharing (or reply with “nothing”) but when I changed my questions to be more people-focused like:
🔹 What is something new you learnt about Alken today?
🔹 Who made you laugh?
🔹 How does the drink stall auntie want to be addressed as?
🔹 Who is the oldest student in class?
he is more open to answer them and even if he doesn’t know the answer, it prompts him to talk to people and make friends. 

When asking, I try to ask about things that are specific, but still open-ended. It's also great to start the conversation with an anecdote from your own day.

Who did you sit with at lunch? What did you talk about? What was the hardest thing you had to do today?
Tell me about the best part of your day What was something that made you laugh today?
What is something new you learnt about your teacher/friend today?

You don’t have to ask all the questions in one day. Spread them out or ask one each day and deepen each conversation by following up with WHO WHAT WHY WHEN HOW questions.

And if you would like to have more questions to ask your child, we do have a set of 24 conversation starter cards meant for you to use to initiate a range of meaningful conversations with your child.

Do share with us any interesting conversations you had with your child! We would love to hear their responses! ❤️

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